"Gratitude opens the door to ... the power, the wisdom and the creativity of the universe.

You open the door through Gratitude"


Deepak Chopra

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Let's Yo-Go with Soma-Flow @ Space238

Wednesdays 8-9.15pm from 4 March 2020

Let's Yo-Go with the Flow and transition into Winter ...


You can expect to deepen your practice in a moving majestic vinyasa sequence, leading towards self practice. Weaving music, insense and candles in a wonderful and magical setting. Let's make our Yoga elemental, to connect to inner space via the mothership ... we want our Yoga uncut, freeflowing and energising. Loosen up and create space in the spine, lower back, in your trunk with all that junk, into, under, around and above the shoulders and joints, lengthen those tired muscles, open up the backs of those knees from sitting and release under those arms, whilst using the breath to go deeper and find the stillness within the pose.


We are an elemental tribe ... I'm offering a Vinyasa Sequence fusing Salutations (Fire and Water, Air, Space and Earth) Standing, Balancing, Seated Poses, Inversion Practice whilst layering in Mantras, Mudras and a Chakra Meditation Crystals/tumbles Chakra Sets are available to buy.  Together we chillax into a bolster sequence to sink and surrender into stillness ... to let go and simply be free for the evening.


Space238 Studio provides Mats, belts, blocks and bolsters in an adorable, intimate setting - you're welcome to bring your own and join us.  Satnam

Yo-Go with the Flow Vinyasa Fusion

@ Space238 Stapleton Road, Easton, Bristol

We're MoveGB Yoga Friendly

Includes the "uncut" Sun & Moon Salutations practice ... to connect, restore and flow from Autumn to Winter with grace.


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Mondays 10.45-12 noon

Henbury Leisure Centre

Dance Studio

Pay As You Go £7.50 (75 mins)

£24 - 4 Sessions


Weds 8-9.15pm



EB @ £25-30.00 or simply

Pay As You Go - £9 (75 min practice)




Are you free in the mornings from 10.45-12.00pm? Join us for

Chakra Yoga Classes on Mondays at Henbury LC - visit my shop ffi


Places are limited dear ones ... you're welcome to drop in please text ahead to ensure we have space for you.

I'm on 07500784345


Satya (truth)

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Chandra Moon Practice


Once a month ~ It's time to celebrate the Full Moon where we ...


Full Moon Dates 2020

10 Jan Wolf (Old Moon)

9 Feb Storm Moon

9 March Worm Moon

8 April Pink Moon

7 May Flower Moon

5 June Strawberry Moon

16 July Thunder Moon

3 August Sturgeon Moon


Sept 2 ~ Harvest Moon

Oct  1 ~ Hunter's Moon

Nov 31 ~ Frost (Beaver) Moon

Dec 30 - Cold (Long Nights) Moon

Winter Solstice ~ December 22

Chandra Blessings  

Movegb Official Partner

Level: Improvers - Intermediate

Day and Times: Weds 8-9.15pm

Dates: 4, 11, 18 and 25 March


Our new term starts 4 March with a special Meditation Evening ... an Om-Ganesh Transformation Offering with Melyssa James and her beautiful pipes.


The following practice sessions during March includes the "uncut" Sun & Moon Salutations ... also empowering us with an opportunity to devote ourselves and support each other to achieve our Sun and Moon Salutes in silence.  A practice to connect, restore and flow into the Autumn season and soak up the beautiful colours of transition and change.


Dates: (please check your availability before you book (non transferable)


Early Bird £25 or £30 thereafter (Includes sound therapy evening on Weds 4 March




Drop In £10 (cash) on the evening if we have space - please book to avoid disappointment.


To make a payment please ---> Click and shop 

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