"Gratitude opens the door to ... the power, the wisdom and the creativity of the universe.

You open the door through Gratitude"


Deepak Chopra

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Yoga with Vinnett  - A  private practice for Staff & Friends of Colston Girls School and Dolphin by invitation.

Yoga ... a way to restore our lost wholeness -  we yoke the mind, body and spirit to energise, restore, relax and let go of our worries, doubts and fears.  We instill confidence, creativity, compassion, light, love, grounding and intuition.

Tues evenings a fusion of salutations, postures, standing, balancing and seated poses with relaxation poses to finish.

May 2020

Tuesday Evenings 6.15-7.30pm - 19, 26 May; and
Friday Mornings 10.15-11.30am - 22, 29 May

June 2020

Tuesday Evenings 6.15-7.30pm - 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 June (5 sessions) and
Friday Mornings 10.15-11.30am - 5, 12, 19, 26 June (4 sessions)

July 2020

Tuesday Evenings 6.15-7.30pm - 7, 14, 21, 28 July (4 sessions) and
Friday Mornings 10.15-11.30am - 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 July (5 sessions)

All 9 Classes £32 (includes Thunder Moon Practice)

Please read the disclaimer and check the dates before booking - many thanks

Online Release Disclaimer

I am aware of my own health and physical condition, having knowledge that my participation in any exercise program may be injurious to my health, I am voluntarily participating in a physical online activity.

Having such knowledge, I hereby acknowledge this disclaimer and release, any representatives, agents and successors from liability for accidental injury or illness which I may incur as a result of participating in the said physical activity.

I hereby assume all risks connected therewith and consent to participate in said online program. We practice Ahimsa (non harming) ~ Satya (Truth) following the priciples of the Niyamas and the Yamas.

Block Bookings will be added to the Calendar which includeds the Zoom Link, ID and password

The Waiting Room will be open 10 minutes before the practice and 10 mins once we've started.  As your Host I have subscribed to Zoom which allows our practice to go over the usual 45 mins.  Please ensure your devices are installed with the latest version of Zoom V5 - you only need the Free Version.  Ethernet cables on laptops supports a stronger connection.