"Gratitude opens the door to ... the power, the wisdom and the creativity of the universe.

You open the door through Gratitude"


Deepak Chopra

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£16.00 (Coming soon)

A Special Yoga Offering

By exploring a marriage of breath and movement we connect mind, body and spirit ...  A practice full of Sun or Moon Salutations ... we create a moving meditation and an opportunity to go inwards.

We become the Guru (from darkness to light) and despacho our wishes out into the universe.

We create space, clear the clutter within to align the mind, body and essence of you!!  

Let's truly go with the flow.  

Only £16 for 5 practice sessions or £4 each for first 3 sessions

Let's leave the winter behind and prepare for the Equinox and Solstice ... the Pink, Flower and Strawberry Moons that are lighting our way and leading us from Spring into the Summer season ... It's a time to give thanks with an attitude of gratitude for all the seasons this 2021.

Namaste & Chandra Blessings