"Gratitude opens the door to ... the power, the wisdom and the creativity of the universe.

You open the door through Gratitude"


Deepak Chopra

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Welcome ~ Uzima4Life (U4L) was chosen for its African origins.  

"Uzima" means 'movement' or 'energy'

Uzima/Moving 4 Life offers Multisport, Fitness,

Yoga and Aerobic classes to our community.  

When we move for life in a positive, creative energic way

we enjoy the benefits in a healthy, holistic way that

creates a rewarding lifestyle


In unity there is strength ... Vinnett

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Summer ...

Summer ... is it true that time and space is but an illusion ... where did the year go, we're already half way and into a new Season.  Upon reflection there we so many changes ... we had to be flexible like the willow, adapt to change like the chameleon, transform into colours of beauty and be at one with nature.  It seems we are walking deeper into the changes and revolutions that are required, to shift and elevate this planet to higher levels of consciousness.

Although transformation is difficult ... it’s always worth it in the end. It requires some destruction, some chaos and some endings in order for the rebirth to occur, but from these ashes, we rise.


Here's to a new beginning ... an opportunity to soften, to be kind to ourselves and each other.  The key to freedom is honouring the difference ... the key to freedom is interdependence ... the key to freedom is connecting with our true nature (blessings medicine woman ... we hear you)


No matter what transpires in the months to come, the Universe is shining down a protective light. We see this in the astrological alignments that take place.


Whilst we have some heavy alignments, some balancing, some centering and some serious clearing of clutter to get ourselves organised for the new season to come, there's so much to honour and celebrate this season ... Lots of shifting energy, retrogrades and balancing with a sprinkle of chaos ...  so let's clear the altar of our hearts and deliver ourselves to ourselves.

A new year that kickstarts our journey into wrapping up, reflecting on the transformative energies of 2021 so we can let go and create a new vision for tomorrows New Year. Be ready ... make the changes, clear the clutter and let's surrender the negative debris that holds us back.


Even though we may feel the shifting energy strongly, we can also tune into the energy of protection and choose what's on offer too.



General Weekly Practices



Weekly Vinyasa Flow Sequences connecting us to our chakras, nadis and meridians with

Guided Meditation for empowerment, stability and transformation,

(places are limited at these price);

you're welcome to share space with us and

Pay as you Go for ... £6 (75 min practice) before 9am & 5pm via Pay Pal;

Discounts for Block Bookings are available

Access Time (Waiting Room) Before Online Practice: 10 mins before


ffi please contact me on --›  Mob: 07500 784 345


To be Bound in Love is a Blessing ~ Namaste

"May your hearts always be filled with Joy and Love"

We celebrate nature's Seasons

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